1. Aerodroemme
    Toronto, Ontario
  2. Alfred Kopke
    Porto, Portugal
  3. Bound
    London, UK
  4. Corvum
  5. Craft
    New York, New York
  6. David Att
  7. DJ Datch
    Sardinia, Italy
  8. Dylab
    Melbourne, Australia
  9. Hironori Takahashi
    Tokyo, Japan
  10. Jorg Rodriguez
    Mexico City, Mexico
  11. Kryss Hypnowave
    Lanusei, Italy
  12. Monoline
    Nijmegen, Netherlands
  13. Space (GR)
  14. The Human & Assets


Seance London, UK

Seance is a London based Techno and Electronica label run by Warren Spectralband of The Clairvoyants, formerly on Rinse FM.

Warren has since broken away from the Rinse brand to set up his own independent web based radio station called “Seance Radio” and it’s this station that is directly linked to the label. visit seance.limited for more info
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